Along with fishing, traditional handicrafts are an important part of the local economy, and you will get to see silk weavers and silversmiths plying their trade on the lake. And as with all of Myanmar, religion plays a massive part in local life, and numerous pagodas and monasteries can be found on the lake and its shores. There also are many restaurants dotted around, where you can indulge in their delicious catches of the day.

Inle Lake is one of Myanmar’s most popular destinations for travelers, so when you travel around the lake, part of what you see will inevitably be geared towards tourists. You may be taken to one too many handicraft workshops, The women sell items in some village shops, wearing the traditional rings which elongate their necks; taking photos of them is encouraged, but the tribe is not in fact indigenous to this area – their own home is in the hills south west of Loikaw.

However, in many places the authentic life on the lake shines through, and it is so large – and the sites sufficiently spread out – that, outside of the villages and markets, it is always possible to find quiet, untouristy corners. Furthermore, steps are being taken to protect the area from man-made damage, including UNESCO designating Inle as a biosphere reserve.

The best time to visit Inle Lake?

The best time to visit Inle Lake is the dry season from November to February because the temperature is slightly cooler, with little rain. The coolest time is the average temperature of around 22 to 33ºC, it is the best time for outdoor activities. Especially, January is the sunniest and the coldest month of the year with they warm and cool daily temperature during the evenings and mornings.

The hot season is during March to May with average temperature of about 24 to 35ºC and with strong sunlight and some rain. Especially during 13th to 16th April is the Myanmar New Year with fascinating traditional water festival.

The rainy season is from May to October with frequently heavy rain and strong winds. The temperature is cool and humid with an average temperature between 23 and 33ºC.

What to see and do around Inle Lake?

Watching traditional fishing methods: one of the best things to do in Inle Lake is to observe how the fishermen utilize traditional fishing methods by using a conical bamboo basket or net to catch fish.

Go Cycling: An exciting must-try activity in Inle Lake is biking aroun the lake to visit small rural villages around the areas. Besides, you can put a visit to Htat Eian Temple Cave, a series of dark passage within the cave, some of which have  a few Buddha and temples or Maing Thauk village, a random art gallery and the Red Mountain Estate Winery.

Boat trip: A boat trip is the best choice for you to get a glimpse of the Inle Lake and the local life surrounding. The boat brings you to discover local handicraft shops and tourist attractions such as Phaungdawoo Pagoda and the Jumping Cat Monastery as well as little floating villages along the banks of lake.

Ride a hot air balloon: Hot air balloon is not only available in Bagan, you also can try it to discover the beautiful and serene Inle Lake with the roofs of the stilt houses as well as the lush greenery, especially the romantic sunrise over the sky.

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