Phu Quoc is the largest tropical island in the 22-island complex of Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand.  It is far 62 sea mile from the east of  its own Kien Giang province and only 4 sea mile from the northeast of Cambodia. It is considered a charming pearl of Vietnam because of its incredible natural beauty from beautiful white sandy beaches to a set of lovely islets, interesting discovery activities from culture sites to amazing modern entertainment places. Besides, thanks to magnificent nature of turquoise water and a massive collection of archipelagoes, there are many thrilling water sports in Phu Quoc such as snorkeling, coral diving, squid fishing, etc. In 2006, coastal Biosphere and Kien Giang island waters incluing Phu Quoc were declared as World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

Phu Quoc is a picturesque spot in Vietnam, which make you feel as in heaven at the first moment you come there.

  • When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc?

Because of tropical monsoon climate, Phu Quoc Weather changes throughout the year, rainfall from July to September and sunny skies from November to March. The best time to visit Phu Quoc Island is during dry season due to sunny warm weather with average temperature between 25ºC and 28ºC. You can sunbathe, snorkel and swim at Long or Ong Lang Beach or enjoy picnicking, jungle-trekking, camping and bird-watching in Phu Quoc National Park and Suoi Tranh Waterfall.

  • How to go Phu Quoc?

By flight: Phu Quoc Airport owns both domestic and international airports. Every day, it welcomes a lot of daily internal and external flights around over the world.

By cruise: clients can take an amazing experience when transferring to Phu Quoc by cruise, which departs from  Mekong Delta and even Cambodia and Thailand.

  • What to do in Phu Quoc?

Vibrant Sunset at Dinh Cau Rock: Dinh Cau Temple is a famous spiritual place in Phu Quoc, which is extremely respected by the local. It is said that after the fisherman sailed out and never come back home, a huge majestic rock circled by white sand dunes appeared from the bottom of the pure blue ocean as his symbolic to reply his family’s praying. So local people built a temple right on this rock to commemorate their passed-way relatives and pray for a safe and sound beach trip. It is truly a magical moment to catch gorgeous sunset at Dinh Cau Temple with white waves on spectacular rocks.

Sao Beach: is the best beach on the east coast of Phu Quoc. Coming here, visitors cant take their eyes of its magnificent scenery with blue sky, white cloud, yellow sunshine and crystal clear azure water.

An Thoi Archipelago: thanks to diverse marine eco-system, the collection of islets in An Thoi is ideal place to explore ocean world with amazing underwater life such as coral reefs and many kinds of actiniae.

Phu Quoc National Park: was recognized as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010, consisting of over half of Phu Quoc Island’s northern region. Visitors can experienced natural wildlife such as long-tailed macaques, slow lories and hornbills or only simply enjoy camping, hiking, bird-watching and photography at Forest Reserve via Ganh Dau Village. Adventurous lovers can choose more challenging trek to Mount Heaven or Mount Chua – the highest peak in park, which stands at 600 meter above sea level.

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park: is a complex with Hon Thom Cable Car system honored as the “World’s longest cable car system” by the World Guinness. Coming here, tourist will be immersed in pristine natural beauty with white sand and blue water.

Vinpearl Land and Safari: are a majestic amusement park complex with Water Park, Aquarium and Vinpearl Safari. Coming there, clients will enjoy a lot of interesting outdoor activities and observe exciting wildlife in Safari.

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