Cambodia Introduction

Cambodia is the Kingdom of Wonder with thousands-of-year temples from the powerful Khmer empire in the past, untouched breathtaking natural landscapes, deep cultural diversity and impressive intangible and tangible heritage sites.


Cambodia: Weather and When to go

Cambodia is year-round warm, but due to monsoon climate effect, Cambodia has two distinct seasons, rainy and dry. Although the temperature is hot in the whole year, the dry period is divided into two, hot and dry. Thanks to simple weather system, the country can be travelled all year round. Weather Overview To assess the…



Cambodia has a deeply interesting history. From the early days of Funan and Chen La to a powerful and majestic Khmer empire and even in the period of independence loss, Cambodia is a land of mystery and color.    Funan Empire The appearance of Kingdom of Funan from 1st – 6th century AD was the…


Food and Drink in Cambodia

Cambodian’s food and drink culture is as interesting as the mysterious Angkor Temples, many of that are variations on food from other Asian countries, especially Vietnam, Thailand and China. Not particularly spicy, Khmer cuisine is often delicately flavored with herbs such as lemongrass and coriander. Moreover, due to influence of the Mekong Delta and Tonle…


Where to go in Cambodia

It is always not easy to look for the best place in your Cambodia travel bucket list because there are so many destinations in Cambodia from cities to countryside, from mountainous areas to stunning beaches. So this list will give you a comprehensive view of worth tourist attraction, which you should prioritize in your travelling…