Established in 2019 under International Operator License No. 01-1509/2019/TCDL-GP LHQT, Let’s Go Asia Travel is in the business of sharing experiences, creating memories and life-long friends through travel. In the spirit of bringing clients pleasant, interesting and memorial experiences, Let’s Go Asia always try our best to research and improve products,  finding reliable suppliers, flexibly meeting visitors’ requirement.

From Thailand – the Country of Gold Temple, Cambodia – the Land of Khmers, Laos – the Land of a million elephants to Myanmar Golden Land and Vietnam Timeless Charm, Let’s Go Asia erases borders among countries throughout travelling. Our team has a sustainably service-oriented mindset with the client satisfaction being our key motivation.


Let Go Asia Travel specializes in handling inquiries on optional activities and packages, accommodation from standard to luxury criteria, transportation service, service guarantee and customer care, etc. All is following to below details:

FIT, GIT and MICE Groups: With a number of group tours coming Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand per year, Let’s Go Asia Travel is confident on managing FIT, GIT, MICE groups, each of them will have suitable offers to meet clients’ requirement from hotels, vehicles, cuisine to conferences, team building, etc.

We operate a number of inspiring Group Tours, offering unique inclusions, unbeatable service and prices, and fully safety audited by Tranquilico – a UK based health and safety consultancy.

Education and Inspection Travel: Let’s Go Asia Travel dedicated and knowledgeable teams with a big relationship circle give our company ability to organized tours related to experience exchanges like school or factory sightseeing tours.

Accommodation: Let’s Go Asia Travel is a loyal partner with  major and dedicated hotels in destinations. We always get the best rate, which partners have supported us based on our big hotel vacancy.

Transfer and Transportation: Let’s Go Asia Travel has a large net of vehicles from van, mini buses to 45-seat coaches. It enables us to provide reasonable transfer service but high-quality standard.

Ticketing: There is a strong partnership between Let’s Go Asia Travel and Domestic and International Airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Viet Jet Air, Angkor Air, Cathay Pacific, etc. It allows us to manage internal and external routes for clients with good air fare.