Situated on a plateau at a height of 1,500 meters above sea level, Da Lat has become one of the most popular location in the region for getaway holidays since French colonial period. Thanks to refreshingly cool climate while other cities experiencing a hot and humid during summer, Da Lat attracts tourists, who want to find a relaxing atmosphere. Also due to cool climate, Da Lat is very famous for its wide variety of flowers, vegetables and fruits as well as countless nature sites from spectacular landscapes to green forests and minority villages.

Being the symbol of wealthy during French era, Da La was discovered and established by the French exceeded over 2,500 residences & villas bearing European architectural style mark the end of the nineteenth century. The magnificent ancient villas in Dalat honored elegance, located at the back of the hill, soaring hill top through the wind; between thousands, dew thousands and thousands of flowers, reflected the lakes, the streams, etc.

Coming Dalat, visitors will be overwhelmed by its nature, namely Xuan Huong Lake, Cu Hill, Love Valley, Than Tho Lake, Prenn Waterfall, etc. There are number of flights to Dalat, the most popular are the flights from Hanoi to Dalat, from Ho Chi Min City to Dalat and from Nha Trang to Dalat.

The best time to visit Da Lat:

The best time to visit Da Lat is from December to March when whole city is covered by green trees and colorful flower blossom. During this time of the year, temperature in Da Lat is ideal for outdoor activities such hiking, swimming and walking.

If you have limited budget, travelling to Da Lat during the rainy season will offer you cheaper rates and fewer tourists.

What to see and do in Da Lat?

Bao Dai’s Summer Palace: Da Lat highland is famous for French architectural heritages and Bao Dai’s Summer Palace is one of the most spectacular heritages, that makes a deep impression on tourists. The King Bao Dai is the last Emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty in Vietnam’s feudal regime and Bao Dai Summer Palace is the best preserved one amongst Bao Dai’s palaces in Da Lat (The complex of Palace I, Palace II and Palace III – Bai Dai Summer Palace). The entire building is deeply influenced by European architectures with a harmony between pine forests and parks. This is an incredibly elegant mansion, nested in poetic scenery of a pine hill at an altitude of 1.539m above sea level.

Crazy House (Hang Nga Villa): Crazy House was built in 1990 by Ms. Dang Viet Nga, who once studied in eastern Europe. It is considered as a peculiar building but also one of the exotic architecture in the world. The idea for the building got inspired from a fairy tale with spiders nets, a couple of giraffes, a stylized bungalow, etc. Each room has distinct name of an animal or a fruit to express the closeness between nature and human. The plus of building is the way the owner symbolize the real life with interesting nature.

The Valley of Love: Known as a “muse” sleeping in the middle of Da Lat Plateau, the Valley of Love with a nearly 140ha enjoys year-round cool weather and picturesque landscapes that attract countless visitors.

Datanla Waterfall: is a very nice waterfall, located in the middle of Prenn Pass about 5km south of Da Lat city center. Coming Datanla, you will be blessed with wild nature, experiencing the feeling of joining in an alpine coaster along the pine forest and flowers here. Datanla Waterfall is a small waterfall pouring from a rocky cliff about 20m high into a deep pool, creating a romantic and dreamy scene.