Let’s Go Asia Travel would like to introduce Sapa Travel Guide and Blog to help foreign tourists to get more information, contribute to the success of the trip.

Sapa located in the Northwest of Vietnam, is a mountainous town. The weather in Sapa is quite flexible. They change during the season and even during in a day.Climate is cool all the year, quite cold in winter and summer more than other city in Vietnam. This place is ideal for tourists because of good climate and so beautiful.Actually, in general, Sapa’s climate is cool all over the year. With sea level about 3143m, don’t doubt about average climate is always from 10 to 18 degree. With this climate background, it is extremely idea to make a trekking here.

Moreover, Sapa owns various minority people’s culture. Coming here, you not only experience the beauty of nature, but also you can discover diversity of culture.

Therefore, Sapa became a must-see destination in Vietnam through travelers’ trip. Today, going to Sapa is very easy by highway from Hanoi. There are various means of transport to choose such as bus, limousine, train, private car… 

Sapa has several ethnic minorities such as H’Mong, The Dao, The Dai, The Thai,… Each culture from them will make the different characteristic for Sapa, making it become more and more famous and special in both Vietnam and foreign travelers.

Cat Cat Village

Lying on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range,  Cat Cat village is away from Sapa town about 2 km. This is the old place of H’Mong tribe. Nowadays it is the most attracting touristic village in Sapa. It is also the nearest village from Sapa center. Visitors can easily reach there by many ways. Visiting Cat Cat village, you will have the chance to explore the beauty of nature scenery. In addition, you will discover the normal life of the local and find out many interesting things.

Wandering around Cat Cat village, you can see the beautiful little houses on the mountain side, the men who work in the fields, the woman weaving the looms and the naughty little kids playing around.

Sin Chai Village

Located on the North of Sapa district, Sin Chai village is away 4 km from Sapa town. It is so quite and wild. Sin Chai village is covered by the green of the Sapa mountains.

In Sin Chai village, visitors not only admire the rice fields, corn fields, but also watch the fresh fruit and vegetable beds. They will be covering up the unique colors adorn the scenery of this place. This is the non-touristic village, so it still retains its inherent wildness. The local people are the Black H’mong tribe.

Walking through Sin Chai village

Lao Chai Village

From the town of Sapa to the southwest about 9 km, you will reach Lao Chai village. This is a village of H’Mong people. Lao Chai village is one of the most-visited Sapa villages. It is near Ta Van village. Leaning against the majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range, along the Muong Hoa stream flowing through and the vast terrace fields, Lao Chai is the most beautiful and charming landscape in Sapa.

Ta Van Village

Along the highway 4D to the southeast, about 8 km from Sapa town is Ta Van village. It is also one of the most-visited Sapa villages along with Lao Chai village. This village is located at the foot of the mountain in Muong Hoa valley. Mainly concentrated in Giay and some other ethnic minorities. It is near the Lao Chai village.

On the way to Ta Van village, you will go through Lao Chai – a place with a very beautiful nature of the mountains and forests. Moreover, there is the famous ancient stone beach in Sapa there. After leaving the two busiest streets in Sapa, Cau May Street and Muong Hoa Street. You just need to follow the Muong Hoa stream to reach Ta Van. For your convenience to reach Ta Van village, you should go by motorbike or car. However, to be able to feel and enjoy the scenery of this land, you should go by motorbike or on foot. The road to Ta Van village is quite small and narrow. But the scenery on both sides of the road is so charming. You can not capture enough all the beauty of the fertile terraced fields or green corn fields.

Ta Phin Village

This is home to the Dao and H’mong ethnic people, about 12 km away from the center of Sa Pa town. As the result, Ta Phin village is one of the Northwest highland villages attracting a lot of tourists. Photographers and visitors always love to explore and enjoy the wild beauty. Ta Phin village not only has a green nature, a cool atmosphere. But also a place with many natural caves with many mysterious cliffs in strange shapes.

In addition, visitors can learn unique traditional culture through many festivals, rituals, customs and daily life of the people here. Guests will admire the colorful costumes, enjoy the specialties of the highlands, bathe medicinal leaves. And they also immerse in the rustic life with the indigenous people of Ta Phin.

Ho Village

Ho Village (Ban Ho) is 30 km from Sapa town center to the southwest – when coming to Ho village you can feel the weather here is much warmer than Ta Van and Ta Phin villages, the average temperature is about 18-25 degrees C. Today, Ban Ho village to be one of the great villages, visitors can’t miss in the journey to explore villages around Sapa town. In particular, Ho village is known for its zigzag roads, undulating hills, soft streams, majestic waterfalls and rich vegetation. The more you look at the lake, the more ecstatic you will be at the picturesque nature here.

Ho village is also quite famous for home stay tourism, suitable for visitors who want to experience the days of living in a wooden stilt house, enjoy rustic dishes, take part in the warm community activities with local people and blend in nature.

Y Linh Ho Village

Ban Ho) Y Linh Ho Village still reserve its wild and poetic beauty despite of touristic route in Sapa. The village is near to Hoang Lien Son mountain range. In addition to the mountain, the village also has streams, terraced fields, corn fields. People said that, in the past the area around the village of Y Linh Ho was reclaimed by some Dao people, headed by Mr. Ly Linh Ho. After a long time of living and building, Dao people setup a new village, Y Linh Ho Village. A period of time later, the Dao in Y Linh Ho leaf and the H’mong came. But the name of this village is no change to commemorate the person who built the village. Visiting Y Linh Ho village, you will be surprised by the peaceful beauty of the place.

The atmosphere in the village is very quiet, noiseless, non-bustling like other tourist places inside Sapa town. The location of the Y Linh Ho village is now expanded more than before but still far from the main road. Therefore, tourists participating in tours Sapa visit the village of Y Linh Ho must pass a long and long, hard and hard road to reach the village. Because the location is far from the main road, the village is quite quiet and peaceful.From Sapa town. If you like to reach Y Linh Ho village, you can follow the direction of Lao Chai village. Going through Lao Chai village for about 3 km along the mountainside. Then you will see a glimpse of the pristine, beautiful image of Y Linh Ho village on the mountainside, surrounded by beautiful terraced fields that have existed for a long time.


From Sapa town southeast, Muong Hoa valley is located appropriately 10 kilometers. This area is famous with beautiful valley with a lot of attracting fields which make express at the first time. Crossing mountains, along with the mountain range, come to scenery with beautiful valley will be a wonderful trekking that you should not refuse when coming to Sapa.


With the beautiful scenery throughout a hundred of year, Ham Rong mountain is located in the center of Sapa town. The colorful in many flowers made Ham Rong mountain becoming the second Da Lat city in Vietnam. No way to come to here except trekking with winding and hard to go. This place is totally a favorite for tourist who wants to explore and enjoy hiking in high mountain. The breathtaking beauty of Ham Rong mountainous conquered tourist by its own secret. Come to Ham Rong mountain to come back home.


If you look at a map, Sapa is on the left side, 38km from Lào Cai, and Bac Ha market is on the right side, 70 km from Lào Cai. Both Sapa and Bac Ha are popular tourist destinations in Northwest Vietnam. Tourists often go to Bac Ha on Sundays to see the market of the flower H’mong ethnic minority people (different with black H’mong people in Sapa based on their dresses).

Local people in Bac Ha market every Sunday from morning until 2 pm. The local people will bring their own products such as pigs, corn wine, dogs and even horses to this market for purchase. Not only sale, they also buy necessary things for their families. Bac Ha market is not only a market, but it is also a chance for them to meet, talk and enjoy their lives. People come here also for loving, finding their love with random in life.

The most special things when coming to this market is there is always a minibus type stopped at the border. Travelers can use this means of transport with free choice and flexible time. It was amazing to remember to be at a place with full of colorful dresses of H’mong people. Let come here  with so much interesting things in Sapa.