A half-day Vientiane trip to experience a traditional cooking class for anyone who loves discovering Laos cuisine. Take this change to step into the Lao culture and tradition as well as enjoy dishes made by you hands.

Tour Information
Half Day

Morning class: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm

Evening class: 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm


Picked up at your hotel in Vientiane by a car or tuk-tuk to the local market, where you will spend 30 minutes buying fresh food, learning about the ingredients before the start of the cooking lesson. You will learn about typical meats, vegetables, and dried meats that local people use in their daily meals including pa daek, the traditional fermented fish sauce used in Lao cuisine.

Start this 4-hour lesson at a local restaurant in Vientiane, where the chefs introduce you to traditional Lao ingredients such as sticky rice, spicy papaya salad, and grilled chicken are just some of the dishes. You will be surprised by the taste of the ingredients in their own season that can help you understand more about the culture and food rituals of the Laos cuisine. After purchasing the necessary ingredients for the dish, you can go to the Mekong River to begin your lesson, using traditional cooking utensils to create a range of famous dishes of Laos.

Throughout the cooking process, you will be instructed how to cook the dishes. Almost all the steps are done by you, the chef is just next to guide you how to cook the dishes,  how to add spices and how to make the best meal. All of the things you have to do is watch, listen and follow what you see from the chefs to cook the best meal by yourself.

Besides, You can enjoy a complimentary drink in the kitchen, where you will master the art of making perfect sticky rice, or khao niaow, an important food in Laos. Your cooking instructor will show you how to prepare each dish, including tam mak houng and pung bok, mok pa and jeow mak lin or jeow mak keua (tomato or eggplant).

At the end of cooking class, complete your practice lesson with a real dessert: mango or banana with sticky rice, steamed in banana leaves. Moreover, you can buy a Laos beer or non-alcoholic beverage. This time you can enjoy the food you cook and share your dishes with friends or family members.

After 4 hours at cooking class, you have tips and experiences to cook the Lao dishes. Then, you can confidently cook Lao food in your home. Tour ends

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