Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar also has as typical monsoon climate as most nations in the region. As a result, Myanmar experiences annoying weather such as heavy rains, flooding and intense heat in some months. So it is essential for visitors to time their suitable trip. In general, the low season to visit Myanmar runs from June to September because it is the wet season, especially from July to September. Some places, for example, Ngapali Beach, are forced to be closed because of inaccessible roads.

The best time to visit Myanmar lasts from November to February thanks to low humidity, moderate temperature and low rainfall. During March and May, the weather is hotter, especially near Bagan and Mandalay

Best Time to Visit Myanmar by Region


Located in the central dry zone of Burma, Mandalay’s temperature still remains to be hot, even in the cool season. In fact, Mandalay only has average of around 9 days of rain in the peak of rainy season. The best time to visit Mandalay is from November to January, when the heat is not intense.


Near Mandalay with only about 4-hour drive, Bagan has the similar weather condition with its close proximity. Over the months of March to May, the temperature is so high, even it can reach 43ºC and be unbearable to walk around among temples. So if you can not avoid this period, discovering destinations in the early morning or late afternoon during sunset is better.  The best time to visit Bagan is between November and February, when temperatures hits about 30ºC.


Yangon is the biggest city in Lower Burma, under the Koppen climate classification system. The best time to visit Yangon is during dry season from November to April, when little rainfall is seen. During rainy season, lasting from May to October, Yangon experiences a heavy rainfall  

Inle Lake

Due to its location in a relatively higher altitude, the temperature variation within the year is not great, but there is a significant temperature drop in the mornings and evenings. During the peak of summer, the average temperature is about 30ºC while over the cooler months (November to February), it can drop to 10ºC at night. The best time to visit is the dry season, the coolest time of year with average temperature of around 22 – 33ºC and little rainfall, especially in January and February. The weather is suitable to enjoy outdoor activities with warm daily temperature and chilly one in the morning and evenings.