Setting foot on Hon Khoai Island in Ca Mau brings you a chance to contemplate the incredible beauty of nature. It’s all about the poetic seashores and egg-shaped cobbles scattered around. It’s also where the visitors challenge themselves by conquering the mountains and discovering the primitive forest. 

No matter what you plan to do, the amazing scenery in front with over 1000 plant species would leave you speechless! Not only that, but there are hundreds of wild animal species around can amaze you within a minute. 

Hon Khoai Overview 

As estimated, Hon Khoai Island is almost 15kms away to the southwest of Nam Can Town, and lies in Ngoc Hien District, Ca Mau Province. 

Hon Khoai Island is a stone island of hills and forest of Ca Mau

Hon Khoai Island is a stone island of hills and forest of Ca Mau

People call it the stone island, which appears weird to some people. There’s a reason for that! Both hills and forest are still untouched. This is why everyone can see different types of wood, plants, and animals taking over this wilderness area. 

In other words, for all biology lovers, it sure excites them with a great variety of plant and bird, such as wild geese and swallows. And the highlight of this place is nothing else than the 318-meter lighthouse built by French colonialists since 1920. It’s renowned as one of the earliest buildings on the territorial waters of Vietnam. 

Aside from the stone island name, locals used to name it as Giang Huong Island or Independence Island. But once gazing into it for the first time, it’s undeniable that the island looks like a giant potato. Therefore, it has been known as “Hon Khoai” (Potato Island) until now.   

More importantly, never mistake Hon Khoai island with Hon Khoai archipelago. The second one is actually a cluster of five large islands. These include Hon Khoai, Hon Sao, Hon Da Le, Hon Doi Moi, and Hon Tuong. And Hon Khoai is the largest and highest one covered by the rest of them. 

How to get there? 

To reach Hon Khoai Island, it only takes you 3 hours by boat from Ca Mau. We’re sure that the boat ride is totally worth it! The island could welcome you with so many rolling rocks, primitive forests and stunning beaches. With a cool climate and amazing landscape, this place absolutely fits ecological and discovery tourism. 

Hon Khoai Island, a heavenly getaway worth your visit

Hon Khoai Island, a heavenly getaway worth your visit 

In 1994, the Ministry of Culture and Information claimed the island as the national landscape. Note that the path to the top of Hon Khoai will zigzag around the hillside and gets covered by giant trees. Also, many jackfruit and mango trees are spotted there while some of them are already the century-old trees.

Best things to do in Hon Khoai Island 

  • Enjoy the cool water by barefoot 

Imagine yourself wandering around the magical seashores full of beautiful egg-shaped cobbles. Feel free to choose between Nho beach (Small beach) in the southwest and Lon beach (Big beach) on the eastern side of Hon Khoai. If you love the water to be shallow, then ensure to opt for Small beach so that it’s easy to feel the water by barefoot. 

If not, just pamper yourself in the clear blue ocean among the shining waves at Lon Beach. That creates such a relaxing and memorable experience. Simply lie on the white sand and catch the beautiful view in the sunlight while your mind is put at ease. 

  • Challenge your bravery by discovering the jungle 

Are you a true adventurer? Then challenge yourself by discovering the tropical jungle now! Here, there’s a majestic scenery of the forest with a great abundance of wild animals and rare plant species you can’t miss. It’s going to be a fantastic reward for those who love to get off the beaten track. 

The stunning scenery of Hon Khoai Island
The stunning scenery of Hon Khoai Island

In reality, a lot of young visitors are fond of climbing and conquering the mountain peak and through a zigzag road to get to visit the lighthouse. On the island coast, you’ll see several algae used to cook tasty dishes. There are tons of bird species here and some of them are known as the wild geese and swallows. 

Besides that, nothing is better than watching several wildflowers blossoming in rock cavities. Also, here goes a chance for you to enjoy the nice voices of birds and amazing fragrance of magnolia. It can make your whole journey more comfortable and shorter. 

  • Watch the sunset in the lighthouse of Hon Khoai Island 

Established by French colonists at the end of the 19th century, the lighthouse lies in the highest peak of the island at a height of 318 meters. Sure enough, the tower is considered as one of the earliest buildings built on Vietnamese territorial waters. 

The lighthouse lies on the peak of Hon Khoai island
The lighthouse lies on the peak of Hon Khoai island – Source: theguide.vneconomictimes

Most visitors would get amazed by the natural and appealing beauty with rocks rolling and the carpet of forest in this place. But the best part will be when you’re enabled to observe Hon Doi Moi by using telescopes. It’s known as one of the five well-known islands, or take a closer look into the Cape of Ca Mau from the lighthouse.

Last but not least, Hon Khoai is not just a popular landscape of Ca Mau Province but also keeps a strategic position in the southwestern area during the revolutionary period. Thanks to the Communist Party’s leadership, the locals and soldiers regained the island from the French invaders in 1940. 

Other notes to bear in mind 

  • Since Hon Khoai Island is near to the international waters, you’re suggested to ask for permission from the border guard station before coming here. It’s best to make a call switchboard beforehand if you want to know how to contact the station.
  • Come to this place with high caution as there are a lot of monkeys living on the island. If not, both of your food and stuff will easily become their targets. 
  • There’s no lack of freshwater on the island, even in the dry season. Most people living here and fishing boats usually come here to get water. So it’s unnecessary to bring a bottle of water along during your exploration.