Myanmar food is an absorbedly subtle blend of Southeast Asia and Indian food but still with its own distinct impression. Almost Myanmar dishes are spicy, salty, bitter and sour flavor, but still less chili than Indian and Thailand ones.

The most popular traditional dishes in Myanmar are tofu, salads and noodle soups. The local people also usually used preserved vegetables like pickled tea leaves or bamboo shoots and typical fish pastes to make food more tasty and highly-seasoned.

Besides local food restaurants, there are many Chinese and Indian restaurants throughout country while high-quality Western and Thai restaurants are popular in major districts.

Typical Myanmar Food

Shan-style tofu noodles: it is a must-try Burmese dish of Shan People, an ethnic minority in northern Myanmar. Shan tofu noodle is a vegetarian dish with only noodle, tofu and herbs. You can add some pork or chicken topping if you are meat lover. Burmese Tofu is made from chickpea and green bean, not made from soy bean.

Mohinga: this is a fish soup made with rice noodles, which is considered an unofficial national dish of Myanmar.

Nangyi thoke: this is a thick, round rice noodle dish made with fish cakes, chicken, par-boiled bean sprouts and hard-boiled egg.

Deep-fried stuff: Myanmar has a lot of delicious snacks made from fried foods. Typical snacks are deep-fried samosas, spring rolls, savory fritters, sweets, breads, noodles topped with deep-fried crispy garnishes.

Tea leaf salad: it is the most well-known Myanmar food. It is made from the sour, slightly bitter leaves, shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, nuts and peas.

Myanmar curry: a delicious meal with pork, fish, shrimp, beef or mutton. Their ingredients include rice, a tart salad, fried vegetables, fresh vegetables and herbs.

Shan-style noodles: a thin, flat rice noodles with chicken or pork and pickled vegetables.

Ohn No Kauk Swe (Burmese chicken coconut noodle soup): a soup of rice noodles, chicken and coconut milk.

Burmese Flatbread (Palata): a Burmese-style flatbread with egg or mutton. It is a simple dish for breakfast in Myanmar and often be served with tea at restaurants. This traditional recipe is similar with Indian Roti with sweet and savory taste.

Shan-style Myanmar rice: this is known as fish rice with turmeric rice, freshwater fish and garlic oil. If wanting enjoy it as a delicious snack, it will be served with leek roots, raw garlic and deep-fried pork rinds.


Drink in Myanmar



Tea is Myanmar national drink. In some restaurant, it is even served free for clients. The famous branch is Royal Myanmar tea



The most popular drinks in Myanmar are local beer, rum and whisky. Locally brewed toddy is generally available, while wine can be found in restaurants and hotel.



Almost is instant coffee in shop stalls, except for in Western-style cafes.